Welcome to Holiday World Village Hotel!

A large, glass hall - which is like a fully inverted glass pyramid - will welcome you to Holiday World Village Hotel. This hotel is divided into two clearly different areas: "Paradise", which is a quiet zone with a large, indoor garden, and "Oasis", which is the commercial and leisure area where you will find the Cinema Room, supermarket, spa, etc.

The "Oasis" commercial and leisure area has a cinema room, supermarket, spa, kids area, videogames room, internet room, WiFi zone and outdoor garden areas which have lake pools. We should also mention our popular water park, Beach Club. What more could you want?

The hotel has various restaurants within its facilities: La Perla Restaurant (buffet), the Oh My Burguer American Restaurant (à la carte), Don Genaro Italian Restaurant (à la carte), and our Irish Pub, The Village Cavern. You will also find many more bars and Le Mirage Restaurant at the Beach Club.